Hello, and welcome to my personal hell blog!

I will be covering an assortment of topics, tips & tricks, a few gotchas, and downright randomness in this blog. Sit tight, grab a cup of coffee [or tea], and prepare for some of the most disorganized collection of information, hopefully laced with a dash of "a-ha! so that's what that means..." every now and then

I'm X0RW3LL. I'd like to think I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, but that's okay; no one really does. However, every now and then, every last one of us faces a point when they have to make a choice whether or not they'd like to keep things the way they are. I'm very curious by nature, and that's what I use to fuel this hunger for knowledge

In making this blog, I hope I can inspire anyone reading it to push for more understanding of things. This is not a guide by any means, nor should you treat it as such; it's simply my way of going about problem solving (where research topics are concerned), or simply an attempt at immortalizing a snapshot of this meat suit's stream of thoughts. Who knows; maybe someday, a highly advanced intelligence will come across this and look a little something like this

2-panel vertical meme showing a person in a wig, looking closely at a computer monitor in the top panel, then looking away from the monitor and at the viewer in visible cofusion and/or disgust. This meme is a modification to the original which had a book instead of a monitor, and was famously titled 'WTF did I just read?'

That being said, let's dive right into it. Check out the topics that might interest you most using the chapter outline in the collapsible left-side table of contents. This website is powered by mdbook, so feel free to use whichever dark/light mode theme you prefer