In this chapter, I will be going through my general experience with OSCP. Expect nothing technical; this is more of a storytime type of entry, focusing on the personal aspect. If you want to learn more about the technicalities, there's PEN-200, exam guide, and FAQs for that

This is only meant to be a light read, and I'm pretty much known for talking a lot. Divines watch over you as you read through my ramblings and try to make sense thereof

Additionally, this is my personal reflection on my own journey, so YMMV. This is not a guide, or an instruction manual; it is simply thoughts streamed out from my brain, through a keyboard, wired into a laptop, encoded into binary data, travelling hundreds or thousands of miles in huge underwater cables, to be delivered to your computer, decoded all the way back to human-readable form so you can read it and go, "get a load of this guy". Enjoy, or don't; completely up to you!