You might be wondering why this chapter is labeled "DANGER ZONE", and why it's all the way at the bottom of the list. This is the part where I have to warn you to proceed at your own risk. I mean it.

I question a lot of things, and try to make sense of the world as I see it. There isn't any "point" behind any of it, conclusions, or resolutions; it is simply for the sake of conversation, argument, discovering possibilities, and/or ranting. Don't expect to find answers, or 100% factual information on here. Think of it as seeing things/the world from my own very limited perspective which may very well be entirely wrong, misinformed, inaccurate, and/or illogical.

Additionally, it may be loaded with existential dread, difficulties, and/or downright depressive thoughts. If you have a hard time processing those without being affected, please do not proceed beyond this point. I have a hard time processing this life in its entirety on my own, but I've somewhat made my peace with it. I've lived with severe clinical depression for too long, it has become the only reality of which I know. I do take the opportunity to see things for how they really are, however. It's not like everything sucks; that's just factually and realistically incorrect. There are amazing things out there, and there are horrible things too. To me, I experience them in equal visceral responses; if it's good, I'm feeling good, and if it's bad, I'm feeling bad.

With all that being said, I also have an extremely active guilt complex. If this ends up affecting someone negatively, the guilt will forever haunt me no matter how I'm convinced otherwise. So again, please do not proceed any further if you happen to fall in that category. Remember: this is my personal take on things. It doesn't necessarily mean I'm right. If there's one thing I know, it's that no matter what I claim to know is but a fraction of a fraction, of a subatomic fraction of the actual, objective truth/reality.

All of our collective knowledge, as a species that's somewhat capable of cognition and logical reasoning, is but a speck of nothing in a vast sea of unknowns. We constantly try to expand our knowledge and understanding of what we so call "reality", but that reality is so unbelievably mysterious that our limited capacity to process it will probably never fully figure it out. In a way, there's a certain comfort in knowing that there will always be absolute unknowns. We might come close, but even then we will have been ever so far, still. The key is to never stop questioning, because questions will ultimately guide us to the answers we're looking for. If not for us, then for future generation who will try to make sense of a world that may be unimaginable to us at this point in spacetime.

Proceed at your own risk, or skip this part altogether.